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Acoustic amplifiers

Choosing amp for acoustic guitar

Audio interfaces

How to choose interface

Audio wires

Types of cables and connectors

Bass amplifiers

Choosing amp for bass guitar
What do you need to know before buying a bass amp

Bass guitars

How to choose bass guitar?
Before choosing your first bass guitar
Bass player guide

Classical Guitars

Choosing a string to classic guitar

Digital pianos

Acoustic and digital piano- which is better

DJ Effects

Dj basics - effector

Electric guitars

On what should we pay attention during buying electric guitar


Why we should tune our guitar?
Benefits of using metronome
Is the tuner needed
Types of guitar effects

Guitar effects

Types of guitar effects
Effects for bass guitar
All you must know about multieffects
Overdrives and distortions


Keyboards-types and usage
Choosing keyboard workstation


Choosing stage microphone
Overview of Sennheiser microphone
Directional characteristics of the microphone

MIDI keyboards

Buying MIDI keyboard


Conservation of drum equipment
There are situations when the drum body can broken or corrosion will attack cymbals and tripods. What to do then
How to choose first drumkit


44 - Characteristics of selected violin models availabled in our wholesaler's
The most frequently question asked during purchasing of the instrument
The leading producers of string instruments and accessories


Choosing in-ear headphones
Choosing heaphones to recording
Choosing on-ear headphones
Choosing microphone to recording guitar
Recording in home
Recording acoustic guitar


Synthesis- types and possibilities

Vocal effects

How equalizers work

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