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Before choosing your first bass guitar

Before choosing the first bass guitar.

Your first bass guitar.

Nowadays, you can find many different types of bass guitars, differing in shape, material, realization, color and price.
What really affect on the quality of the guitar, the sound, and the comfort for a beginner?
Visual aspects usually do not have influence on the sound of electric bass guitar.
In the case of acoustic bass guitars,on the sound and especially on the tone of the sound has influence the thickness of the lacquer.
If we focus on electric bass guitar, we should pay attention to the other features.One of these features is the material from which it was made - wood.
Each wood differently reacts, so the sound of the guitars is different from one another.The wood type also depends on the ease of movement of the neck, beacuse each wood has a different hardness.
Depending on your individual needs and your comfort, it is best to "dodge" the guitar before buying to see if the hardness of the wood corresponds to us.

The heart of the bass.
Another important feature is what is inside guitar,namely electronics.It is divided into two categories, mostly passive and active. Passive is one that does not take any extra energy.
Active electronics is powered by an additional battery located in the guitar, allowing for more variety of sounds, and often much deeper, low tones.
Searching cheap guitars with ective electronics it is good idea to keep an eye on unusual 'Fishman" company. Fishman is famous thanks to sharing his products cheaply, but in very high quality, such as the Cort GB guitar, which we find in the price range from 800 to 1000 zł.
During we select guitar electronics it is also worth to pay attention to the number of potentiometers, and what parameters they contain (usually low / high).
In the case of many cheap guitars we can often find a bad matching of the potentiometers to the electronics contained in the guitar.
Unfortunately, in many cases this can lead to, for example, distortion. Before buying it is worth to check what quality are potentiometers and whether they really change the sound in high and low tones

Another important element in the selection of your first guitar are the strings. There are many string companies, they produce strings of steel, nickel plated, and nylon.
Nylon is mainly intended for acoustic bass guitars. Nickel-plated strings are different from steel because are covered with nickel, which influences the quality of the sound we extracted from the guitar and they are dedicated to electric bass guitars.
At the begining it is no sense to invest in expensive strings companies. On the polish market ,among the cheap but good strings are dominated ,,Warwick" and Polish company ,,Presto".
An important element in the selection of strings is their thickness, beacuse like necks ,the strings have their hardness - the thicker the harder.
It is worth to test several types of string until we find the most suitable, so as comfort of exercise for us was the most pleasant.
The issues discussed above are the three basic conditions for choosing a guitar. Of course, there are many more factors that affect on the sound and the quality of the guitar, but the three mentioned above, generally contribute to the comfort of a beginner.
But remember that much depends on our own likes, so before you buy your first guitar, you should test, for example, in the music store, several types of guitars from the same shelf, which will allow us to know what type of guitar we prefer.

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