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How to choose bass guitar?

How to choose bass guitar?

Despite the obvious diffrences resulting from price of individual instruments,many more expensive constructions share many
charecteristics with their budgetary counterpart.In search of appropriate instrument first of all we should notice if our instrument will
satisfy our needs. Very Often instrumnts on the lower shelf, cheaper but perfectly adjusted to our needs should satisfy our expectations in
How can we determine their needs? We can turn to our bass idols. Bass guitar like vintaged Precision rather won't satisfied Victor Wooten's fans.But young Beatles fans will
certainly treat with respect even inexpensive ,,Violin" of Hofner.The proposed division and short characteristics of the instruments will certainly make a slightly better decision,
regardless of the wealth of our wallet.

Vintage instruments:
These bass guitars are generally used by guitarists playing rather classic types of light music, rooted in hard rock, blues or jazz from the 60/70s.
For the sound that has accompanied us uninterrupted since the early '50s is responsible one man: Leo Fender, creator of Precision and Jazz bass, and Stingray (under the brand MusicMan) and luthiers from
Gibson or Hofner. These are the generally copied instrumends whose are available in every
price ranges.They occur in many versions and variations, from the cheapest chinese "market" products, to the products of companies such as MusicMan, Fender, Sterling by MM, Squier, Vintage, Schecter, Xotic ...

Precision Bass:
Is often identified with little universal and cheap instrument because of simple construction.
He offers a round and full, slightly leaking sound from the speakers. Aside from Fenders and Squiers it is worth to pay attention to Schecter Model T and other cheaper instruments from Vintage.

Jazz Bass:
Is extremely popular construction.Comfortable narrow nech and two single pickup guaranteed comfort and wide range of sounds. He is often choosen by guitarists who value versatility.
Most of this guitars is ofcourse produced in Fender , Squier and Vintage.Examples of well known jazz musicians can be multiplied indefinitely, but such names as Marcus Miller, Tim Commerford,
Geddy Lee and John Paul Jones should suffice.

Created by Leo Fender as enhanced Precision, the first electric bass with active system.Created according to the requirements of Louise Johnson Stingray is perfect for slap technique. It features a characteristic,
slightly compressed and forward sound. The construction with huge humbucker under the bridge is quite popular but Ernie-Ball supplies instruments for every pocket: Sterling SUB, Sterling Ray,
and for more affluent MusicMan Stingray.An extremely interesting alternative is Ibanez, and very successful budget versions are offered by Vintage.

Thunderbird and Eb.

Instruments quite niche (compared to the above), require a bit of understanding due to their warm, deep sound, which corresponds to mahogany construction and unusual ergonomics.
Of course the most popular models offer Gibson and Epiphone . Today Thunderbird is primarily associated with the names Nikki Sixx (he has his own signature) and Shavo Odadjian.

Hofner ,,Beatle Bass": is instrument occuring in few variant of prices for ,,connoisseurs".
The sound is close to Gibson's deep tempo, but thanks to its extremely light construction it is perfect for anyone who values ​​your spine. Mandatory purchase of every Beatles fan!

Modern instruments:
The situation is complicated when classic shapes are not enough. Modern instruments with active systems tempt the sophisticated look, exposed wood, wide palette of sounds, refined ergonomics .... and the choice can smash!
It is impossible to gather information about them in one place, so this article will be limited to a few selected, very distinctive and very popular concern.
Brand has been on the market for many years, and the characteristic shape developed by Ned Steinberger in 1977 is still fresh.
Despite a few exceptions, such as Rex Brown's signature and a modern copy of Jazz Bass - Coda - Spector's instruments from various shelves look very similar.
Patented ergonomic body design, quite thick but not too wide neck, two EMG humbuckers and most often the original TonePump preamp are responsible for fat sound with a very pronounced, slightly "rubber" like in Stingray high.
Thanks to his ergonomics and sound in the USA, Spectors are among the favorite instruments of modern soul pop musicians and even extreme metal players.
The versatility of these basses is evidenced by the fact that they can be heard both on Panthers recordings and Pink Floyd concerts of the 80s

Most Warwic basses exposes the beauty of Ovangkol, Bubingi or Wenge, which gives a matte, springy sound that can be unpleasant to classic bass player.
Exotic, rigid and not slightest wood has so many followers as opponents - it must be admitted that the sound of Warwick must be liked .it is definitely not instrument for everyone.
MEC pickups and preamps have good ratings. They not imposing their character, and although the company is not one of the exclusive manufacturers, MEC electronics can be found even in the most expensive Infinity Warwicks - priced above 115,000. zł.

From the begining Ibanez is conidered to be an examplar of ergonomic.The company offers an extremely wide range of instruments,and her most popular series ATK, SR and BTB are among the most popular series in the world.
SR models have been known to the bassists since the 1980s and continue the trend of guitar racing begining in that years.The SR series features exceptionally thin boards and neck for maximum comfort and lowest weight.
The BTB series, created for the more mature bassists, offers an equally rich choice, giving you a flat neck grip with a wide string spacing and a Monorail bridge - single for each string.
The ATK series is for fans of classics and was created as an alternative to MusicMana Stingray. ATK can be heard both in The Doors and Kyussie with Scott Reeder.

To sum up:
The bass guitar martket is so rich and wide, that it is worth to spend time to find appropriate guitar.Practically every of the more famous companies offers a huge selection of high quality guitars, a multitude of samples and reviews on the web allows you to
familiarize yourself with many of the benefits even before taking the instrument to hand.

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