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Types of guitar effects

One of the guitarist's favorite themes, guitar effects. The choice of effects is huge. They allow you to uncommonly expand the sound palette . Thanks to them, we can sound very different in each song, greatly enriching our game.

Types of effects:
Each of them usually has a single role to play. Just hit them with your foot to get started, so that you can change your sound not only between tracks, but also during them.
Effects sometimes looked different. Some have plenty of knobs, and others only have one. Keep in mind that the more knobs, the wider the maneuver in modeling the sound. Let's not forget, however, that there are legendary effects, which, despite the fact that they do not have so many knobs and sound effects, but their sound , have passed into history.

"True bypass".
What is it actually? Imagine the situation that we are playing with a guitar connected to an amplifier, and our only effect is chorus. When we play with chorus, it changes our sound, because that is its function. However, if we turn off the chorus, we will return to the basic sound of the electric guitar. "True bypass" removes influence of the off effect on the final tone . Without the "true bypass" technology, the effects slightly distort the signal even when turned off.

Today we meet two types of cubes: analog and digital. You should not settle which are better. It is best to look at it that way. Analogue can sound more traditional and old fashioned, but digital are the essence of new technologies and capabilities. Professional guitarists use both types of effects .

For fans of old tones, among others. Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, is that what will allow you to back in time. The oldest kind of overdriven sound, and still used all over the world.

Classic overdriven sound. From lightweight to hard rock with high clarity. Overdrive effects provide excellent midrange overtones and are the most commonly used effect for "overburning" overdriven tube amplifiers.
The strongest overdrive sound. Epoch of hard rock and heavy metal . The most strongest of them are able to cope even in extreme metal species even acting alone, while the more modest they can not only oveburning the overdrive channel to get more heavy and sharp sounds, but also to act alone within hard rock and heavy metal.

Great for those who want to sound mysterious. Delayed echo will allow you to achieve the effect known from Pink Floyd's "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". Delay is extremely spectacular and will definitely be useful to any guitarist.

We probably already have some reverb in the amplifier. If we are not satisfied, do not hesitate to go for something better in the form of pedal. Reverb is a very common and should not be ignored. He is responsible for the reverberation that causes the sound of our guitar to be perceived as being spread out over the room, whether it is small room or big as a concert hall - this choice will give us a reverb effect.

In a very simplistic way, it can be said that thanks to this effect the electric guitar sounds like two guitars simultaneously. But that's more! This will make the guitar sound a lot wider and as if to say ... magically.

This effect allows for such a tremolo and vibrato that neither our fingers will not allow us. Such a pedal will slightly change the frequency of the sound at regular intervals, producing interesting, catchy sound

Flanger nad phaser:
Two effects that will allow on the sound not from this Earth. The sound will lengthen in an unusual way. Among others, Eddie Van Halen used the effects of this effect on many songs.


Octaver adds to the basic sound a sound distant on him by an octave or even two octaves. This makes our sound much wider and better audible.

Pitch shifter:
It adds harmony to the sounds we play. This way, playing on one guitar feels like playing two guitars at equal intervals. Just select a tone and you are done. Iron Maiden guitarists made this effect thanks to play with two and sometimes three guitars. Now you can get similar sound with one guitar and floor harmonizer effect

Wah wah:
Even we do not have to say how popular the guitar effect is wah-wah. This effect allows you to charcteristic "quacks". Basically, there are two types: automatic and leg control. The automatic wah-wah work independently , so we do not have to use our legs. The second type of "duck" gives us more immediate control over its operation at the expense of having to keep running our foot all the time

If we feel that there is not enough range of tones behind our guitar, and turning the knob on the amplifier gives nothing, it's time for the floor equalizer. It gives you more control because it is multi-band. Thanks to it, you can make really precise corrections.

Compressor allows you to balance the volume levels between delicate and aggressive, while retaining the original dynamics. Besides, even the best guitarists happen in "live" situations too weakly or too hard to hit a string. Compressor compensates for the volume difference in such situations

Noise gate:
Noise gates will get rid of the unwanted noise that often occurs with strong overdrive. It will not distort the sound when playing, but during pause the playing this effect will eliminate any unnecessary sounds.


This is a very useful tool if you want to accompany yourself and then play a solo on that accompaniment. Looper will record, loop, and play the soundtrack , which will bring out from the speaker of our amplifier, and we will be able to acompany to this .

Tuner in the form of guitar pedal allow tuning even in very noisy conditions without disconnecting the guitar from the amplifier. This will allow us to quickly adjust, for example, during a concert break between songs, and even when we have a longer pause in the song.

Multieffect is a collection of effects in one device. Processors are most often based on digital technology. During choosing multieffect , pay attention to what kind of effects it possesses. Multieffects are cheaper than the collection of many effects, but still single cubes present a better quality sound. Do not forget that the advantage of multi-effects is their price, because at the price of multiefektu we get sometimes huge amounts of sound, while for the same price of pedals will give us a narrower palette of sound.

To sum up:
The effects are the apple of many professional guitarists eyes . Thanks to them, they create their catchy notes. It is worth expanding your sound spectrum with effects or multieffects, as it will give us more means of expression to convey to the listeners of music.

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