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There are situations when the drum body can broken or corrosion will attack cymbals and tripods. What to do then

There are situations where the the drum body can be broken , corrosion will start atack cymbals or tripod. What to do then?
My body are damaged, what to do?
It is important to evaluate what really happened with the drum. If it is upholstered and there is a splash of varnish, do not worry about it. This has absolutely no impact on the sound or on the vitality. However, if the drum has been flooded, it should be screwed to the first part, remove all metal parts - even the manufacturer's badges and put the body for several days in a warm, dry room. The longer the body is uncoiled it the better for him. If the drum is standing in a room where there is a high concentration of moisture, you should also do a similar procedure and look for another place to practice.
Cracked rim of the headquarters, what to do?
Cracks happen, it happens very rarely, but it happens. Do not panic. Just clamp the rim and continue to play as before. This has no effect on tone or vitality.
Cracked cymbals
Cymbal crashes are much more common than body faults. Certain factors, such as bad game technique or the age of the cymbals , are affected by the breaking of the cymbals . Every cracked cymbal loses its way of sounding. Cracks are very common on the edges. Then gently drill or cut the crack so that they do not go further and simply continue to use the plate. The loss of sound will not be very audible, of course, when we are talking about very small cracks. If the plate breaks into the half, then you can use it as any effect cymbals. It limits only the imagination here. But do not immediately fold your hands, because this effect can be a nice addendum to the set. In the worst case you can sell this cymbal . The people who want give this cymbal new life for sure will appear.
There was corrosion on the metal parts.
If we see the first signs of corrosion and we want to get rid of it, use special cleaning specimen and polishing chrome. In most cases, small corrosion can be easy eliminated and the tripod should recover his old appearance. During this operation, it is useful to polish the entire tripod and to conserve moving parts such as butterfly threads, which will allow for smoother screwdriving, and when butterflies are screwed, this operation will surely solve the problem. If there is a very large rust on the tripod, then the only way out of this situation is to re-chroming. However, remember that most signs of rust can be easily cleared out through home remedies. Chromotherapy is the last resort when other methods fail.
Winding layer come off from tension rods.
When winding layer come off from tension rods. you should not be stressed. It is very common and quite natural phenomenon. Some layers rub faster, others longer. It depends on which stick is used, what music is playing, how often and what technique is used. The tension in which the frayed surface is slightly exposed will not lose his sound immediately and do not be afraid that the tension will break because it absolutely does not go well
As you can see, even an instrument such as a drum is exposed to malfunction and other unpleasant for the user. You should not immediately break your hands as far as possible try to solve the problem yourself. The vast majority of defects can be solved calmly by yourself. Only the extreme,by the hands of a professional. In order not to expose the equipment to unpleasant situations, ensure good ventilated space, which is not exposed to low or too high temperatures. It should be free from moisture. It is worth occasionally spending a few minutes rubbing the chrome parts with a gently dampened cloth to remove any impurities. Likewise do with plates. Such simple treatments will help protect your equipment from negative effects.

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