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Guides in Guitar effects

Overdrives and distortions

The most well known group of effects, causing the addition of harmonics by cutting the amplitude of the signal.Fuzz - the forerunner of all overdrives, cuts the signal very violently, giving a lot of harmonics and characteristic of the 60's "dirty" sound. It was the primary element of Jimmy Hendrix's...

All you must know about multieffects

All you must know about multieffects Multieffects.The world of effects has always been dominated by single effects. The development of technology and the need for handy all-in-one solutions are responsible for the birth of multieffects Initially these were simply connected analog cubes, enclosed in...

Effects for bass guitar

Effects for the bass guitar EFFECTS TO BASS GUITAR Although the electric bass is an instrument that usually plays in the shadow of a guitar that holds the pulse and the base of the song, bassists are increasingly eager to reach for a variety of effects that alter the role of bass in the ensemble. The...

Types of guitar effects

Types of guitar effects There are some basic types of guitar effects and everyone has a different use. Below we will discuss each of them individually to help clarify the situation and help you understand how it works and for what is using. Distortion/overdrive. Distortion causes that the guitar signal...