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An effector is a device that has many functions that we often use in our mixes. With the first contact with effector, we are blown away by the multitude of effects and the ability to change their parameters
We divide effectors on three main types: effector controlled by knobs, by touch pad and by jog.
The most popular is effector controlled by knobs.By means of knobs we choose interesting us parameteres.
By controlling the touch pad, we operate the effector by touching or sliding your fingers over the display and we can controll everything with one hand.
By controlling the yog, we select the parameters by rotating the special wheel - potentiometer
Nowadays the best type of controlling is touch pad control, because everything can be controled with one hand, and in the case of control with knobs sometimes we need both hands.
The top model using touch control is Korg Kaoss Pad 3. The rotary jog control is mostly found on Pioneer models such as the RMX-500.
I mentioned that knob control is the most popular, so why? Because this type is common, mostly in effectors built into the mixers.
However this effectors is much poorer built and have less function than typical, dedicated effects processor.
An interesting fact is that the most popular and recognizable effect is the effect called ,,echo". So why this effect is so popular?
It is simple.This effect is found in almost every built-in effector. Also Dj's enrich their vocal by using ,,echo".
So, being at a party and listening to the dj's pulling voice, we know that this is the result of this effect.
So why is it worth to buy an effector if we often find it as an additional option in the mixer?
-much more effect
-Possibility to modify effects parameters in real time
-Ability to sample and loop music (built-in sampler).
To sum up:
When you decide to buying effector you should also pay attention to the type of connection that will satisfy us.
It is best to think about this before purchasing and buying suitable mixer with loop effect-Properly dedicated input and output.
But If we already have a mixer that does not have this option - nothing is lost, there are other possibilities like the connection between the signal source and the mixer.

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