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Choosing heaphones to recording

Choosing headphones for recording music

Passion is something everyone understands, but not everyone can describe it in words. It is not surprising, because each of us has our own passion and we all understand it a little differently. It is certain that passion is something that takes a lot of time, work and nerves, but it is worth doing, because it can repay it with a smile.

An increasing number of people are passionate about music, such as playing on an instrument, singing, and producing sound. Every aspiring instrumentalist would like to record his own songs some day. To do this,we need a lot of practice, working on his sound, technique and repertoire, until finally comes the time when we can realizes that we are ready to recording , but not everyone knows how to start. The possibilities are two because we can visit the recording studio where although it is not cheap, the quality of the recordings is very high and we do not have to worry about mastering or mixing.
The second option is to create a recording studio at home, where the quality of the recorded sound can also be high, but we need to know what equipment to buy and we will have to deal with the sound by ourself. Creating a home recording space has become very popular and although it is not easy, many people choose to take this step and buy microphones, interfaces, and other audio recording equipment, but recording is not just a microphone but also appropriate listening.

When we record an instrument, such as a guitar, we know its sound and we try to make it sound as good as possible. However, it is important to know that each microphone has different capabilities, so recording the sound of our instrument may be slightly different from what we are used to. This change is one of the reasons for mastering, or sound production.
We need to hear the sound of the instrument accurately, specifically the richness of low, medium and high tones, and other factors affecting the sound.
For this purpose, it is best to use headphones but also not the commonly. They should not be in-earheadphones, but on-ear, and remember that not all will pass the exam. Suitable for studio headphones is for exampe the Sennheiser HD 201. This model is very selectable due to its excellent value and low price. These headphones feature a natural sound with slightly enhanced bass. The additional advantage of this model is the great convenience of use. Headphones do not slide off, they do not fall off the head, so we can focus on what is most important at the moment, that is, recording. This model is a very good proof that studios do not have to be expensive to perform their job perfectly.
During recording sessions it is very important that the headphones provide adequate
damping so that we only hear the sound that we care about and the ambient sounds are inaudible.
Shure SRH 145 is a model for this.
Brand Shure is known as one of the leaders in producing studio equipment and this model is very good proof of it. These headphones have a very clear sound and are perfect for both instrumental and electronic recording.
The selection of studio headphones is extremely wide and tailored to your needs. If you are looking for headphones that provide great convenience and variety of possibilities, then you should consider AKG K171 Studio MKII headphones which are worthy of successor to the popular K171. These headphones offer a very natural sound with audible clear bass. In addition, they protect us from ambient sounds, and a matching headband helps to achieve maximum comfort and comfort.
There are also such headphones that are specifically designed for a particular instrumentalist group. An example is the Alesis DRP100, which was created for drummers. Drum is a very loud instrument, and too much noise can damage our hearing. These headphones, apart from high quality playback, also offer hearing protection that every drummer will appreciate.
When building a home studio recorder we must pay attention to a very large amount of equipment. Microphones, recorders, interfaces, wires, consoles - all over time will become our object of interest, but it is worth remembering that a good studio is not place in which we find every possible studio equipment, but in which only the equipment is needed.
Sometimes minimalism can increase capacbilities, but on the condition that we can use this minimalism. Before we change our room into a recording studio, we should gain some knowledge of creating such a place. It's good to know what hardware we need, so before we start buying accessories, let's make sure we have the recording equipment and good listening headsets.
Making a place to record is not cheap, but we do not have to spend a fortune. All you have to do is buying basic equipment and sometimes buying what we still need .
For studio headphones, it's a good idea to choose equipment from well known and respected manufacturers such as Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone, Sony and Audio Technica.
Nowadays, manufacturers are racing to create good studio equipment, which will additionally be affordable to a large group of people. If we play the instrument, sing, have a band or create electronic music and want it recorded in high quality, we do not have to visit the recording studios because we can create a studio in our own home.

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