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The leading producers of string instruments and accessories

In the face of emerging technology and the use of new materials, dozens of manufacturers are involved in the production of hardware for professional instrumentalists. Due to the high popularity of stringed instruments worldwide, we can find companies that produce them. Below are some well-known brands...

The most frequently question asked during purchasing of the instrument

Frequently asked questions during the purchase of the instrument Will the purchased accessories certainly fit my instrument?Yes and no. Accessories for string instruments can be divided into two categories: universal and those requiring personalization. In the first, are, among others, strings, chin,...

44 - Characteristics of selected violin models availabled in our wholesaler's

The purchase of the instrument is not a small expense - to be sure that the purchased product will work well while learning the game, it is important to make sure that the model we have all the desired features. Whether it is an acoustic, electric, small or full instrument, the quality of its performance...