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Guides in Studio

Recording acoustic guitar

Being in a large, professional recording studio we can choose from multiple microphones, but usually with homerecording our choice is limited.Is it a good idea to record acoustic guitar using dymnamic microphone? The first thing we have to realize is that not all dynamic microphones will be able to properly...

Recording in home

Every person likes music, and some of them live and love her. This is a bold statement, but it is true that finding a person who sincerely admit that he does not like music is bound to be a miracle. We do not have to agree with the music preferences of the other person because everyone likes the other...

Choosing microphone to recording guitar

Art is something we often associate with pathos, rich costumes, and connoisseurs who use unfamiliar terms. But it is only a loose association, because art surrounds us every day, we are interested in it and we rather do not feel pathos . It's about the music we hear on TV, from the radio, the headphones...

Choosing on-ear headphones

Choosing earphones Art is divided into many areas, and each one enjoys great interest. We have painting, photography, cinematography and more, but no doubt the most popular field is music. Why can you say so? Music accompanies us at every turn. Some of us wake up with a clock radio. At breakfast we...