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Guides in Percussion


Damping of drumsEach drummer during tuning the set encountered various undesirable tones, which more or less affected the drum sound. Here are some tips and advice.Problem with tom tomesTomes are especially exposed to unwanted tones after tuning the drum. Much depends on the acoustics of the room, the...


For many people their percussion kit is an apple of their eye . They try to take care of it and properly conserve.StorageDrums should be stored in warm air conditioned rooms where there is no moisture, no fungus and there is adequate ventilation. If you do not have the ability to hold the drum in a room...

How to choose first drumkit

How to choose the first drum kit?Currently we have a lot of different drum sets on the music market. There are many manufacturers who have produced many alternative versions of their products. The question is, what set to choose for yourself so that it fulfills our expectations?Firstly you should determine...

There are situations when the drum body can broken or corrosion will attack cymbals and tripods. What to do then

There are situations where the the drum body can be broken , corrosion will start atack cymbals or tripod. What to do then?My body are damaged, what to do?It is important to evaluate what really happened with the drum. If it is upholstered and there is a splash of varnish, do not worry about it. This...