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JBL 104 Active monitor

EAN: 691991015519

JBL 104


JBL 104 Reference Monitors - JBL One Series 104 studio type desk mounts built on the basis of two coaxial drivers - 4.5 "woofer and 0.75" tweeter. Monitors are offered as a pair in which all electronics are placed in one of the monitors (Master), and the other passive (Slave) connects to it with a 2-meter speaker cable connected to the terminal sockets.

The amplifier used in the One Series 104 offers a power of 2 × 30 W. Monitors are equipped with symmetrical [jack 1/4 "] and asymmetrical [cinch] input sockets located at the back of the Master listening, and on the front there are 1/8" stereo jacks - input AUX and headphone out. We also have a volume control.

The One Series 104 oval monitors are made of plastic and covered with black, matte acrylic paint. The holes of the bass-reflex system are located at the back. The angle of the listening coverage is 120 ° × 80 °. The new monitors have a bandwidth of 60 Hz - 20 kHz and a max. SPL 102 dB (104 dB PEAK). The point of the crossover is 1725 Hz.

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