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Stagg SLI FLAT PAR 2-0 Par

EAN: 5414428205216

Stagg SLI FLAT PAR 2-0

The Stagg SLI Flatpar 1-0 3-in-1 Flat 7 LED RGB Spotlight is the perfect onstage companion to bring an added dimension to your live performances. At this price you have no excuses for upping your game with this awesome and highly versatile spotlight that has been built by a market leader. As you'd expect from a company with a history of crafting rugged and reliable equipment, the SLI Flatpar 1-0 is built with a solid metal housing, protecting it against the knocks and bumps that comes with life on the road. It has a fitted hanging bracket, allowing you to connect it to a rig, or simply stand it on the stage.

Complete with 7 x 3 watt RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs that run at a mere 55 watts power consumption, you are guaranteed a high output light that runs highly efficiently. Not only that, but also the cooling fan runs very quietly, preventing unwanted noise from creeping into your live mix and affecting your sound.

The Stagg SLI Flatpar 1-0 is DMX512 compatible, which allows you to connect the unit to other DMX compatible devices, e.g. smoke machines, and control them all using a master DMX controller. The unit can be set one of four different modes including: DMX-512; Sound activation; master/slave; automatic - giving you a great deal of flexibility in how you choose to set up your light mix.

If you're looking for a robust, hard working, highly efficient lighting unit that is easy to carry - weighing in at a mere 2.75kg -, and is suitable for both entry level users and professionals alike, then look no further than the Stagg SLI Flatpar 1-0 3-in-1 Flat 7 LED RGB Spotlight. Every band, performer, or venue can benefit from this superb little star - inject some colour into your set!


Manufacturer Stagg
Model SLI Flatpar 1-0 3-in-1 Flat 7 LED RGB Spotlight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 150 x 325 x 300 mm
Weight 3 kg
Voltage 55 Watts
Drive Current 250mA
Power Consumption 100V~240V and AC, 50~60Hz
Lens 7 x 3W RGB 3-in-1 LED's
Illuminance (Output) 3,500 Lux @ 1m
DMX Channels 6
Control Modes DMX-512; Sound activation; master/slave; automatic
Beam Angle 30i
Colour Dimming 0~100%
Control Panel 4-button display

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